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18 September 2009 @ 03:14 pm
Requiem Apache photos!  
I just got done watching "Requiem Apache" earlier today. I don't think I even knew this movie existed until the other day. It's from 1994. When I first started watching it, it seemed like one of those boring, slow-plotted English movies, but it had a pretty good plot (confusing at the start, but came together eventually). Some things felt left unsaid, but the majority of the movie was Alfred taking care of a little baby girl and they were so cute together. They went to the community swimming playground thingy, bike riding, car riding (Jaguar!), etc. The plot was basically him trying to get on with his life in a normal way and people from his past pressuring him to get back into driving a getaway car. Anyway, I made some photos for on here. Enjoy!

Lookin' cute with the baby.

With baby and dolphin.

The woman wanted the dolphin.

He's glaring at the bad guys, not the woman who took his dolphin, lol!

After the water fun.

Contemplating the crime invitation.

Leaning on the Jaguar. :-D
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